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Catholic answers online dating

has been there for me, through God’s infinite wisdom, and oftentimes answered questions I had been thinking about myself.

At first, it piqued my interest and then, prompted me to respond to the author, Michelle Arnold, with this article, albeit six months later.

I have great respect for the apologists at Catholic Answers, my own brother, Patrick Madrid having gotten his start there.

While Miss Arnold's article was not addressing an apologetics issue and merely the author's opinion, I feel compelled to offer my own in rebuttal.

I know what it's like to be single and hoping to find the right one to marry. First, before I married at age 26 and then again, after my unwanted divorce in 1993. After receiving a decree of nullity, I was back in the search for a Catholic man to marry, but "Catholic" was not my only requirement.

I wanted to be with someone who was a "happy" Catholic.

Someone who wouldn't chide me for wanting to actively practice my faith or raise a Catholic family. Wow, could I have used a membership to Catholic Match back then!

This is why I disagree with the opinions Miss Arnold put forth in her article about using reputable Catholic internet dating services.

In stating why she "despises" this idea, she suggests this type of spousal search is "dangerous," "unrealistic," "isolating," and "distasteful." Here is why I believe she is wrong on all four counts: "It's dangerous." I kind of feel like we're having the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" discussion here. To the contrary, this is why Catholic dating sites such as Catholic Match actually can and do the opportunities for dangerous situations to occur.